Breathe Deeper

Tame Impala

2020 The Slow Rush Psychedelic
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From Tame Impala's critically acclaimed album "The Slow Rush," "Breathe Deeper" mesmerizes listeners with its groovy basslines, dreamy synths, and infectious beats. Inspired by the passing of time and personal introspection, this track invites you to immerse yourself in its euphoric and introspective atmosphere.


The lyrics of "Breathe Deeper" convey a desire to break free from self-imposed limitations and embrace the present moment. They serve as a reminder to find solace in the simple act of taking a deep breath and fully experiencing life's joys and uncertainties.


With its lush production, catchy melodies, and Kevin Parker's mesmerizing vocals, "Breathe Deeper" seamlessly blends elements of psychedelic pop, electronic music, and disco, creating an irresistible sonic journey that leaves you craving more.